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NOV 25 – Discovery Amari

NOVEMBER 4 Excursion to Lassithi Plateau
November 9, 2018
DEK 7-Babis Stokas / Melina Kana
November 19, 2018


(a hike in the heart of Amari with the Stamp of the Walker)

A beautiful trekking on derelict paths made for the first time will take place on Sunday 25/11/2018.

Starting from the scenic Merona (610 meters altitude) and hiking on a well-formed path through the wild Cretan beauty, we will climb to the top of the “Holy Spirit” (930m) with the small chapel. We will stop and enjoy great views.

Then we will descend smoothly at 850m. altitude and we will start a new ascent in a rocky field outside the trail and in jungle to the top of “Katsonhi” (1,091m.), after crossing the ridge for about 2 hours uphill from 1,000m. with 1,080m. altitude. The view from this ridge is UNIQUE. We will see almost all the villages of Amari, Kedros, Asidrota, Soros, Psiloritis, the Talaia Mountains, etc.

After we make the stop at the top, we will descend, out of the way at the beginning, and at the end from a rural road, just outside Patsos (410m). The bus will take us if the conditions allow 1.5 km to entrance of St. Anthony’s Gorge, where time to relax, walk and gastronomic delights for anyone who wants.

Hiking is of moderate difficulty (blue) but it is not recommended for beginners.


Cancellations are accepted until Friday night at 10 at the Group office and electronically until 2 noon on Saturday.

Driving hours: 5.5

Chief: Alexandros Branch

Departure at 8:00 from the Chania Port Authority

Information, registrations daily 8-10 in the evening, Averoff 25 tel. 2810344588 and electronically by completing the form below