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MAY – 11 Color Run 2019

MARCH 10 – Psychedelic Trance – Carnival Edition
February 24, 2019
MARCH – Concert 2002 GR on Saturday 23 March at Cine Studio
February 24, 2019

Color Run® is an unforgettable fun experience, a non-competitive fight! It is a day of joy and fun for the whole family! It will be one of the most fun kilometers of your life! You do not have to do anything other than run or walk all the others leave them to us! We will make you colorful! As with color festivals all over the world, so in Color Run®, color changes our psychology and makes us smile! a great party is waiting for us at the finish!

This year he will have a concert;

A gift for all participants of Color Run, right after the end of the fight a crazy concert with a surprise band!

How much is the cost of participation?

The cost of participation will be announced on March 11th

Caution! the entries will be closed once the available positions are completed regardless of the date. In 2018 they were exhausted 10 days ago.

Where can I sign up?

Registrations will start on March 11 with an online registration:

Will be group registrations?

For clubs, clubs, schools, gyms etc. that will collect group registrations with people from 15 and above, there will be a 2 euro discount for all! Please contact 6945320483

I can not pay, can I join?

20 free-of-charge stakes will be awarded to people who will declare financial weakness and wish to take part in the match. Please contact 6945320483

Children under the age of 6 pay membership;

No! They can take part without cost. They will not get the participation package. You can also pay for the membership package.