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JANUARY 12 – Panos Mouzourakis live @ Bofor

JANUARY 26 – Orpheus Peridis 26 at Cine Studio
January 6, 2019
FEBRUARY 1 – Philippos Pliatsikas at Cine Studio
January 6, 2019
A show about what life is like.
That’s how?

Life is so go say, joys, laughs, tears, pain, successes, love, sex, separations, loneliness, parties, parties, frustrations, drinks, nights, excursions, celebrations, what exactly is a song.

Life is so it means an endless go go. Alle and Retour

Wherever we succeed Panos Mouzourakis. In the alley and in the retour. It enters and comes out of the country. With one leg trailing still in the waters of Mamma Mia and the other in the music scenes of Greece. L.A. – Athens a street show.

So Panos Mouzourakis returns. He normally returns because he was gone. And he sets up a program about what his life and life are being singled out. That is, for all. As only he can and knows how to do this “all”.

He is accompanied by musicians Orestis Plakidis (keyboards, orchestras), Anastasios Voukis (drums), Dimitris Frosinis (bass), Angelos Tsimidakis (guitar), Spyros Lebanis (guitar). In the sound Ilias Karoumbalis.