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Fivos Delivorias on Saturday, October 27th at Cine Studio

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October 24, 2018
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November 9, 2018

Fivos Delivorias and his colleagues are wondering if they are really what they have been up to now and telling their story again from the beginning!

They reunite “Her”, relive the “Beza Nova of Isaiah”, re-examine the “Mirror” and break it, become “Invisible People” and go through “The Beautiful Door”, jump from “Terasa” in the well-known ecumenical motto: “I live in Kallithea – and I love a Kiki – life is just so” fine “…

Together with the new singer Nefeli Fassouli and the noisy, insuperable combo Duvas & Christodoulou, they prove they are people, not replicas, and play with the music of Phobos playing music.

Come to decide our past and remember our future. Somewhere in the middle is our moment, it’s the celebration, it’s where we meet, it’s this night!


Fasouli Nefeli: Song

Christodoulou Costis: Keys

Douvas Sotiris: Drams

Start Time 22:00


Sale price 12 euros

Price in the Fund EUR 14 – Reduced EUR 12

Sale Points from 19.10

Technopolis Multipurpose Park

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Technical University of Athens