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FEBRUARY: 9/2, 16/2, 23/2 – Seminar on Introduction to Art History

FEBRUARY: Theater “Frida Ki Other” Fri 22 + Sat 23 & Sun 24/02 Cine Studio
February 1, 2019
MARCH 10 – Psychedelic Trance – Carnival Edition
February 24, 2019

In this seminar we will refer to art and its historical evolution from prehistoric times to the present. The purpose of the workshop will be to familiarize participants with art and its particular world.

The meetings will analyze the historical periods, artists and terms that greatly contribute to this world so that their members get the first necessary skills needed to further explore the subject.

It does not require any particular knowledge on the part of the participants but only an appetite for knowledge and questioning and group dialogue. The seminars will maintain a relatively relaxed, linear narrative of history in order to have a central axis around which they will be organized.

Interaction will be the great demand, while creating a warm and friendly atmosphere in which everyone can easily express their own questions and communicate their positions to our great goal.

The sterile knowledge, the memorization of names and dates will in no way be the method to be followed in the lessons. These will be based on dialogue, the exchange of views and the effort to create a first image-view of art and the societies that have shaped it.

The lessons will be organized in cooperation with the Hellenic Photographic Society of Crete and will be hosted at 20 Bofor Street in the city of Heraklion.

If you wish to participate because of the increased attendance and the limited number of places you have to register in due time.

Information: 6975973970
Email: historyofartrethymno@gmail.com

Curriculum vitae:

Giorgos Karatarakis was born in 1989 in Rethymno. He studied contemporary European and Greek history at the University of Crete and his postgraduate degree is in the history of art.

He has worked as a tourist guide and researcher at the Military Museum of Crete, he has practiced in the closed collections of the University of Crete, Rethymnon Branch, where he dealt with the cataloging and digitization of a historical archive. He was also involved in the Museum of Contemporary Art of Crete, where he worked for a few months in practice.

In 2017 he traveled to England for work and historical research at the Museum of Art: Munnings Museum, Dedham, Essex. At the same time he was the co-writer of the exhibition: “The life and work of Yiannis Kefallinos”, presented in 2016-17 at the University of Crete Library, while he was also assistant editor for the “Sir Alfred Munnings: Painting Winners” exhibition that took place in the summer 2017 at the museum: “Palace House, Newmarket, England”.

Over the past almost two years, he has been making tutorials for the history of art oriented to non-specialist adults. It considers simplification and interaction as the most appropriate means of approaching such a special, complex but also charming space, such as art.