FEBRUARY 8 – Dimitris Poulikakos and Nikos Spyropoulos (Spyridoula)

FEBRUARY 3 – Free entrance on Sunday 3 February at the Historical Museum
February 1, 2019
February 1, 2019

The grandfather of Greek rock’n’roll in the world Dimitris Poulikakos and Nikos Spyropoulos (legendary band Spyridoula)
For three (at least) hours, starting from the swamps of Louisiana and the blues of Mississippi, passing through the basements of Pavlos Sidiropoulos’s Blister, Exarchia by Nikolaos Asimos, rebetika, rock’n’roll as well as new songs of D .Poulikako,
lead us on a journey with a starting point but without a predetermined route
pre-sale ticket ( 5 euros) at Rock ‘N’ Rolling Stone Bar (19, Agiostegfaniton str.-Heraklion Creta)