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FEB 2-2 DAYS Japanese FOOD Experience by Tony Vratsanos

NOV 25 Seminar of Contemporary Greek Gastronomy
November 19, 2018
DECEMBER 2 Kritsa – Thilakas
November 29, 2018

One of the top Greek Sushi chef TONY VRATSANOS at Matsuhisa Athens holds world-class SUSHI COOKING CLASS at the 1st day and JAPANESE FUSION LUNCH BUFFET PARTY at the 2nd day in Heraklion Crete!!
You can enjoy two different kind of Japanese food events in 2nd and 3rd of February 2019.

First day will be a world-class SUSHI cooking class and 2nd day will be a lunch buffet party with JAPANESE FUSION cuisine. If you want to try to cook and eat world-class sushi, you can join us at the 1st day!!
If you want to enjoy the Japanese fusion food (no cooking class), You can join us at the lunch buffet party!!!

Either you can participate 2days, or one of them.

In addition, Chef TOMOKO SUGENO from Tokyo who held a Japanese street food party in September 2018 in Heraklion will be an assistant to support us the event in full!!!!

Profile of Tony Vratsanos
Tony was born to a Japanese mother and a Greek father.
At the age of 15 working in japan at Tonden(とんでん)。
After working in several restaurants, at the age of 22 he was private Chef in Switzerland. Then He got the offer from one of the most famous Japanese chef Nobu-san who has Japanese fusion restaurants in over 40 locations across the world. Therefore since 2005 He is at the Nobu company.

DAY 1 on Saturday, February 2, 2019, 12 p.m.

COOKING CLASS by Tony Vratsanos
You will have an experience WORLD-CLASS SUSHI and learn how to make them!
・How to fillet whole fish (Sea-bass)
*Japanese style salmon tartare
*basic of Japanese food Miso soup
*Maki sushi
*Nigiri sushi

Location: Japanese lesson Heraklion
Cost: !!!!Early booking fee 49 euro (Until 30th of November)!!!! Regular fee 54 euro
******You can’t miss this opportunity that A Chef of world’s famous restaurant NOBU will teach us directly authentic Japanese sushi. THIS OPPORTUNITY MAY NOT TWICE!!! *****

DAY 2 Sunday, February 3, 2019, 1 p.m.

Cooking by Tony Vratsanos, LUNCH Buffet party!
Experience JAPANESE FUSION CUISINE of the restaurant NOBU that is proud of the world’s popularity·
・Introduction of dishes by Tony Vratsanos.
*New style Sashimi
*Japanese noodle salad
*Beef Teriyaki with Rice
*Matcha roll cake

Location: Central Cafe 2F
Cost:!!!!Early booking fee 27 euros (cuisine, one drink)!!!! Regular fee 32 euro (cuisine, one drink)

SEND MESSAGE which event (Cooking class, Lunch party or both event ) you’d like to participate WITH YOUR FULL NAME AND YOUR MOBILE NUMBER TO FACEBOOK PAGE Japanese lesson Heraklion or INSTAGRAM @japaneseheraklion
( We may receive many messages. I will be sorry for the late reply. We will reply to you as soon as possible!!!)

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