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DECEMBER 5 Seminar Acro Yoga in Heraklion.

DEC4 3 ° Festival of Italian Short Films, 4 & 6 December3 ° CELEBRATION TO THE ITALIAN SMALL FILM CINEMA ❗
November 29, 2018
DECEMBER 5 & 12-Physical Psychology Discussions Heraklion
November 30, 2018

The seminar includes a two and a half hour lesson in which
we will work on a series of poses and transitions of acro yoga that we will stream. We will lay the foundations for a playful and safe acrobatic yoga!

The workshop is open to everyone!
Participation takes place either individually or with your company.

For reasons of organization, writing to close your post must be made by Friday 30 November with a deposit.

Individual participation of 20 Euros.
20% discount for students and students in the area.

For more information and registration, please send a message to:
Acro Flow Crete or Sabrina Rondinelli
Or call tel: 6984051314/6977046795

AcroYoga is a wonderful practice that enchants us, brings us in touch with our limits, leads us to overcome them with a smile.

Acro Flow Crete is a team dedicated to the spread of Acro Yoga as a healthy practice that brings people together. It cultivates trust, cooperation and awareness of the body. The team is active in Crete and Italy.
The best way to understand the meaning of this practice is to try it out.