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DECEMBER 5 & 12-Physical Psychology Discussions Heraklion

DECEMBER 5 Seminar Acro Yoga in Heraklion.
November 30, 2018
DECEMBER 9 – Clinical Hypnosis – Experiential Seminar
November 30, 2018

Physical Psychology focuses on physical experience and physical self. In our discussions we will always look at different subjects, always, through the look of Body Psychology. The aim is to get acquainted with concepts of this direction that can be used in our everyday life. The meetings are free and open to everyone.

Indicative themes:
14/11/2018 – Do I live in my body or in my mind?
21/11/2018 – Stress and anxiety. Enemies or friends?
28/11/2018 – Fear. A feeling of power in the body
05/12/2018 – Fear and Phobia.
12/12/2018 – Human Communication / Role Playing: The Shelter

Rapporteur: Dionysios Fragiadakis,
Information: 6944 38 30 86

Curriculum vitae

I was born in Athens but I grew up in Crete. My studies in psychology and massage came as a natural component of the dynamics that I experienced in Crete growing up. High steep mountains and cozy blue beaches are the main features of the island literally, which, if we see them symbolically, are nothing but the contradictions that each of us conceals in his soul and body. My involvement with music and theater helped me to understand the balance and dynamics that develop between the body and the mind, between the individual and the group. In my practice I am interested in giving equal space and time to the body and mind, to the individual and to the group but also to the interactions between them.