DECEMBER 4 Yvanvan Vibes Live Platia Eleftherias

DECEMBER 9 – Clinical Hypnosis – Experiential Seminar
November 30, 2018
DECEMBER 16 Lake to Lake!
December 12, 2018

Urban Vibes began playing together in 2013. With the current composition they have been playing for the past two years. They consist of:
Marina – Sofia Papantonaki: Voices
Kostas Mouloudakis: Guitar
Agathi Pantelidou: Keys
Mihalis Serlidakis: Bass – Voices
Stephanos Petras: Drums
They play funk, blues, jazz, pop & rock music by renowned artists such as: Santana, Stevie Wonder, Joe Cocker, Etta James, Joss Stone, Doobie Brothers, Bruno Mars, Monophonics.