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DECEMBER 2,6,9 The sleeping woman woke up

DECEMBER 2 Kritsa – Thilakas
November 29, 2018
DEC4 3 ° Festival of Italian Short Films, 4 & 6 December3 ° CELEBRATION TO THE ITALIAN SMALL FILM CINEMA ❗
November 29, 2018
The sleeping princess is inadvertently charmed by the “different” fairy Viola … and wakes up … after 500 years !!!
In a modern world, completely different from its own, the fairytale … A world of trains, cars, mobiles, technology …

How will they overcome them alone? Will make it; She; who grew up as a princess?

A text with humor and emotion that tells us about love, friendship, loneliness, diversity, parent-child relationship, communication.

A performance directed at children of all ages with the skilful writing of Xenia Kalogeropoulou and Tom Moschopoulos, the well-known children’s theater.

Xenia Kalogeropoulou
Thomas Moschopoulos
Gianna Kefala

Cast the actors:
Gianna Kefala
Domenicos Tavernarakis
Jason Christodoulou
Mihaela Pasha
Rena Passatis
Simos Christodoulou
Tassos Kaisarlis
Faye Tamiolaki

Anna Hiletzaki
Jasmin Timotijevic
& Original Music:
Giorgos Kalogerakis
Ioanna Kelesi
Thalen Abramea
Jared Karalis
Lights / Sound:
Nikos Aretakis