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DECEMBER 22 – A Magical Night

DECEMBER 14 Cretan Night LIVE
December 12, 2018
DECEMBER 14 – Christmas Concert
December 12, 2018

Nights again, the last weekend before Christmas ..

Saturday, December 22 and Sunday 23 December, at 18:00, at the Karaustas Gymnasium of Karaastasis at TEI of Heraklion

At night, a girl will push the door of the castle without knowing that her life will change. And without even knowing that, by entering the enchanted castle, he will face the most peculiar, strange creature he has ever encountered … A creature that does not look like nature … A monster, a monster so ugly … “But what is the ugly? And what beautiful? “, The girl will ask. “Is that what it looks like? Or is it something deeper – something seen only by the one who can distinguish it? … “. But is love capable of transforming us?

A girl and a monster meet on stage to answer the question …

We are waiting for you, to live together a magical night

The show is suitable for children from 3 years of age

There is a canteen in the reception area (foyer), and eating and drinking is allowed, while in the auditorium’s theater room it is strictly forbidden.

Tickets Pre-sale until 20:00 on Friday 21 December:
Adults: € 8.00 | Children € 6,00
Point of Sale: Bookstore Knowledge L. Ikarou 41 | Telephone 2810 222 800

Tickets at the Entrance of the Theater from 16:00 to 17:30 Saturday 22 December and Sunday 23 December:
Adults: € 10.00 | Children € 8.00

For information, please contact:
2810 336 196, 693 600 4242 and 697 924 36 61 as well as at

Representation ID
Drama work / Text editing: Vasia Paraskevopoulou
Directed by: Vassia Paraskevopoulou
Kinesiological Editing / Choreography: Konstantinos Tsakirelis
Music editing / Original musical composition: Anna Papayannaki Divai
Scenery construction: Nikos Kalathakis
Costume editing: Marilena Dimitraki
Mask Manufacturing: Maria Grayou
Sound and Lights: Sound Project
Photo / Video: Socrates Damoulakis
Graphics: Yannis Oikonomakis
Sound recording – Mastering: Boutsakis Michalis
Production Organization: Imeros Art

They play in alphabetical order the actors:
Stelios Anastasiadis, Angeliki Ieronymidi, Theodora Kokkinidis,
Nikolas Leventakis, Stelios Nerolidakis