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DECEMBER 2 Kritsa – Thilakas

FEB 2-2 DAYS Japanese FOOD Experience by Tony Vratsanos
November 19, 2018
DECEMBER 2,6,9 The sleeping woman woke up
November 29, 2018
In the area of ​​the ancient city of Lato and the hill of Pylaka, unknown to the very world, we will walk next Sunday. The path was voluntarily opened by members of our club in an effort, unknown corners of Crete to be visited, So after almost half a century, the accessible -path-path will allow us access to a place with a magnificent view of Agios Nikolaos and near in the gulf of Merabellos.
The top literally dominates this beautiful area.
We will pass from Amygdalis with the aids of World War II and visit the Botanical Museum of rare and endemic plants of Crete, our member and the well-known Marathon, Giorgos Aftakos, for a rich guided tour.
We will taste a traditional bryophyte from the hands of Freedom at the dinner that our club will quote after the tour.

The change of performances is a mental food, and our course, though easy, is directed primarily at those who seek new, original and beautiful experiences.
And of course the most suitable to offer: Life Streets – something new every week !!

Driving hours 04:00 NW 1

Departure from the Sabbath People’s Market (Agia Anna) at 08:00.
Day Sunday 02/12/2018.
Indicative refund 19:00.
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