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DECEMBER 16 Lake to Lake!

DECEMBER 4 Yvanvan Vibes Live Platia Eleftherias
November 30, 2018
DECEMBER 14 Cretan Night LIVE
December 12, 2018

One of the last excursions of the year will lead us to an unusual landscape in Eastern Crete.
Lakes, wetlands and green environment just outside our city !!
We will visit the lakes Damanion, Armanigeia and Amourellas in a path that is suitable for “relaxed” and “new” walkers.
Optional hiking equipment, except for shoes [excluding Idomena], can hold a bag and bag for grass picking.
So, those who have so far sought to “give out” are here
The phone in the hand and / or upside down and close your seat in time.
Now, then the trip ends and we cry 🙂

Driving hours 04:00 NW 1

Departure from the Sabbath People’s Market (Saint Anna) at 09:00.
Day Sunday 16/12/2018.
Indicative refund 17:00.
Information – Registration Forms ONLY at: 2816007430 & 6947504650.
Contact hours Monday – Friday 08:30 <=> 14:00 & 17:30 <=> 21:00.
We remind you that seat payment and cancellations are made until Friday night, then unpaid seats are given to people from the waiting list.

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Every excursion takes a photo commemorative. Smile is optional 🙂
The aforementioned program is indicative and may be modified without notice if it is deemed necessary to better conduct the trip.
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