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Dec 1-Ipogia Revmata at Cine Studio

NOV 23 Dimitris Zervoudakis on Friday at Cine Studio
November 19, 2018
NOV 25 Seminar of Contemporary Greek Gastronomy
November 19, 2018

Three experienced musicians, a legendary voice, an underground company that has traveled for more than 20 years and acts here and now! The Underground Streams in an electric set with new and diachronous songs from all over the course. With the sound of the trio tied and complex the Underground Streams are constantly on the move.

A trip that lasts for three consecutive years and counts hundreds of appearances across Greece and Cyprus. This great Underground meeting with band friends and fresh sound was imprinted on a live vinyl record that was released in October 2017 by Vinyl is Back Festival, inaugurating Vinyl’s Back Live Sessions.

The band is loyal to its love for music and wants to give space and time to each new song to be heard. In the summer of 2018, the band launches a new record period by choosing the favorite 45s! In July 2018, his first 7-album collector is released with the songs “Something” and “Not Enough” that will be available in digital form as well. Of course, at the same time, Underground Streams continue what they like most, the concerts!

In live performances, the wild, thrilling sound of the trio (bass, guitar, drums) delivers a proletarian feast full of sweat and tension, traveling alongside lyricism and acoustic breaks.

Responsible for the presentation of the above on stage is the legendary voice of Gregory Klioumis with the characteristic play of his guitar, the subversive approach of the drums by Tassos Peppas, moving from sensitive silence to noisy hell and his petty, Nikos Youssef who delivers with the same comfort a sturdy bass or a wind musical saw.

Start Time 21:30
The doors open at 21:00
10 euro advance deposit – 12 euro fund
Pre-Sale Points
– Jailhouse Bar, Agios Stephantes 19
– Enter Music, Evans 60
– Biker’s Club, 23 Knossos Avenue