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“Bacches” by Euripides – Ancient Tragedy

"Bacches" by Euripides - Ancient Tragedy - Easy Living

Euripides - Wikipedia 27 & 28 July 2021

Euripides Bacches can be characterized as a ritual of emotion, emotion, menu and irrationality.
This is how Nikaiti Kontouri defines the always open to new approaches and readings,this inexhaustible tragedy, the only one saved with the god Dionysus as the face of the plot,to ruthlessly punish those who resist the power of nature and the transformative experience of intoxication.
Akis Sakellariou and Odysseas Paspaspiliopoulos play Dionysos and King Pentheas respectively,
while the cast is complemented by a select cast.

The plot: Dionysus arrives in Thebes, his mother’s homeland, with his loyal followers,to impose his own Religion and punish all those who stand in his way, daring to challenge him.
It even erodes the sacred mother-son relationship, infusing its divine Mania into the women of Thebes.
With the violent imposition of the new religion, the leveling of the Royal House of the city of Thebes is brought about. The remaining heroes of the tragedy are forced to take the road of exile.


Translation: George Winter

Directed by: Nikaiti Kontouri

Drama: Manos Lambrakis, Nikaiti Kontouri

Sets – Costumes: Loukia Minetou

Music composition & teaching: Thrax-Punks

Choreography: Androniki Marathaki

Lighting: Nikos Sotiropoulos

First assistant director: Thalia Griva

Second assistant director: Eleni Moleski

Assistant set designer – costume designer: Katerina Kanellopoulou

Consultant playwright: Nikos Mathioudakis

Scientific advisor: Katerina Diakoumopoulou

Contact: Irini Lagourou

Production manager: Stamatis Moumoulidis


Akis Sakellariou (Dionysos), Odysseas Papaspiliopoulos (Pentheas), Konstantina Takalou (Agavi),
Ioanna Pappas (Teiresias), Dimitris Petropoulos (Kadmos), Konstantinos Aspiotis (Messenger)


Bacchus Thalia Griva, Eleni Moleski, Smaragda Kakkinou, Eleni Stergiou, Frangiski Moustaki,
Ioulia Georgiou, Sofia Koulera, Ioanna Tzika

The theater work will take place at  Kipotheatro – Ν. Kazantzakis

Εntrance time – 21:00

Ticket price  –  12 Euros

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