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Rethymno City Tour

Drive Tour Drive tour,after your disembarkation, catch the free shuttle bus to the passenger terminal station. There you meet and greet your exclusive tour guide and your vehicle driver. Your private tour just begun.

Choose an option for your private drive tour from Heraklion port and escape the large bus crowd and tour the sites that interest you most at your own pace, a private car and a professional licensed guide is the answer.

1. Best of Chania (Tour duration 9 hours)

Some say that the most beautiful city of the island is that of Chania. And here it is that you are whisked off to on this drive tour – with your very own qualified and licensed guide – first to see the highlights in the environs outside the city, before visiting its ancient heart and the Venetian harbor town!

You continue down and into the city center, whence the tour is conducted on foot with your guide. What do you see on this drive tour with your qualified and licensed guide?

The Market, and the quarters where once traded the Armenian dagger-makers, and where too the silkworms endlessly and noisily munched their mulberry-leaves.

The harbor and the gigantic arsenals the religious foundations of many faiths – churches, cathedrals and basilicas, the synagogue, and mosques and minarets, fountains gracing old neighborhoods, foodstuffs of the region – the cheeses and dairy products, honey, aromatic herbs and pungent spices the work of artists in paint, metal, clay and foods… all go to makeup Chania!

You will have time to wander and ponder, to take photographs to your heart’s content – for surely it will be day you wish to remember and share!

2. Best of Rethymnon (Tour duration 8 hours)

There’s a place in the middle of the wine-dark sea called Crete, a lovely, fruitful land surrounded by the

sea–Odyssey Homer.

For anyone wanting to explore the city of Rethymno, its landmarks, culture and character – and then to taste a variety of the famous Cretan wines afterwards to relax, this is the tour for you!

Your private tour guide, shows you history, culture, ambiance and the chance to see the last fillo pastry workshop of Greece, honey and cinnamon ….

The 1950s cafenion here the spirit of Crete Tsikoudia is enjoyed … Your guide will continue the tour of the city of Rethymno through the narrow Venetian streets you also have the opportunity to taste smell virgin olive oil, spices and herbs.

Leading on to the delicious famous Greek mezes, colors, tastes a whole tradition of centuries set in a small plate. Arriving into a 16th century palazzo in the old stables and wine cellar coffee is served in the ancient manner on hot sand…

To the south of the region of Rethymno through the largest olive field of Crete were at an altitude of 500m above sea level we reach the Monastery of Arcadi. A symbol of liberty and freedom, the church displays one of the most important and impressive facades of Cretan Renaissance architecture and Iconography.

Under the highest mountain peak of Crete mount Ida! Our journey into viewing and appreciating the myriad influences that shaped the city of Rethymno and its people is not only acquired through its monuments and stories, but is also a venture into aromas and tastes!

3. Best of Lasithi . (Tour duration 8 hours)

Visit the Island of Spinalonga with a licensed tourist guide to get the most out of your visit and day.
On our drive tour, you will have the opportunity to stop for photographs enjoy the views, on arrival at Eloúnda you sail through Plaka – Eloúnda bay to the Venetian Fort and Leper colony of Spinalonga.

Along route your guide will deliver all the history and stories of the area for what you are about to see on the Island. The Island of the damned as it was known by the locals and Greeks like so many leper colonies around the world in the past.

The crystal blue waters and captivating Fort somehow makes it hard for a visitor today to realize the sadness, grief and pain of the souls that once were exhaled here some even forgotten.

You sail back to Plaka – Eloúnda and you continue to the capital of Eastern Crete Ag.Nikolaos, the drive is about 20 to 30 minutes here in this pretty city you have the opportunity to do some shopping enjoy coffee and ice cream or even a cocktail. Ag.Nikolaos is also famous for its lake joined today with the sea and harbor of the city, a sacred lake in antiquity.

Seeing Eloúnda, Spinalonga and Ag.Nikolaos at your own pace with your private licensed and expert guide away from the crowds and mass tourist industry makes this tour a memorable day well worth it!

You can have only one of the above drive tours. Please select and clarify on your booking form.

Be your own boss and take advantage of every second, while visiting the island of Crete.


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