Bakery And Pottery Workshop in Heraklion

Bakery and Pottery Workshop

Take the opportunity by joining a guided walking tour of the Capital of Crete Heraklion and seeing all its monumental land marks, historical buildings, tucked away traditional neighbor hoods and at the same time visiting a traditional potter’s workshop! Bakery and Pottery Workshop

Crete one of the oldest in Europe pottery centers has given us some of the most stunning Bronze Age pots ever made by humans, today seen in the Archeological Museum of Heraklion.

On this workshop tour you can see, learn and feel like a Minoan Potter, a Minoan Artist.

We continue on foot to now also taste history!

Bakery a drop of history on ones tongue …
Bakery either with raisins and honey or cream sheep’s milk cheese! A tour that combines history, culture, taste and touches all aspects of the city of Heraklion.

Pottery tells us a great deal about the people and their emotions, also invaluable dating tool!

Pottery workshop can also shows archaeologists the contacts of prehistoric cultures or, in later times, the extent of a civilization’s trade routes. Pots containing oils and ointments, exported from 18th century BC Crete have been found on the mainland of Greece, in Cyprus, the Cyclades, Aegean islands along the Syrian Coast and Egypt, showing the wide trading contacts of the Minoan peoples.

The Minoan Potter was both a realist and a sentimentalist.

Inspired by the life of the sea, collected shells, gazing down from a fishing boat through the crystal waters at the writhing octopus and delighted to see the grace of the dolphin and the flying fish. With this free and naturalistic way of seeing and living, the creative Minoan was unlike most of contemporaries in the Bronze Age world.

With a true instinct for beauty, this is the Minoan Artist the Minoan Potter

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